Any_Salon is a unique food + thought experience, curated by the creative directors of Tribeca-based experience design agency Any_.
Our mission is to help people and brands break through the mundane of everyday work life.

Give them something to talk about

3 cocktails,
3 courses,
3 speakers.
From religion to physics to design theory, the rule of 3 encapsulates the world’s most powerful ideas. We design our offerings around the rule of 3 to inspire action and spur innovation.
A design-centric
Design is at the core of how we host, curate, and share the Salon experience. All Salons have themed agendas, weaving playful cuisine and mixology into thoughtful conversations around culture.
Strengthen your community
Whether you want to build internal company culture or share culture with other like-minded individuals, Any_Salon encourages meaningful IRL connection in today’s digital-first society.
Feb 2020 Case Study
Any Salon x WeWork Food Labs
We lead the experience design for the launch of WeWork Food Labs. For the Love of Food was an immersive culinary journey through the senses. Every touchpoint was curated with intention, from the eclectic themed food and bar menu to the custom white staff jumpsuits.
The experience cycle
Why invest in an experience?

A new object will eventually fade into the background and become part of the new norm, while an experience becomes an ingrained part of our identity.

In good company

By leveraging our creative network, we orchestrate a bespoke collective of industry specialists to make your unique Salon a truly memorable experience.


Bringing good people together


Site specific culinary experiences


Parisian master art director and set designer


Succumb to the irrepressible power of flowers

"Any_Salon helped me see things in a new light"

Alex Frank, We are Any_

  1. 001
    We believe design is meant to be experienced.
  2. 002
    We care about the details that are unseen and overlooked.
  3. 003
    We create well-designed touchpoints that enhance and elevate.
  4. 004
    We design at your leisure, for your leisure.
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